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GlasswareGlassware - The stylistic history of glass in the 19th century is dominated by rapid advances in glass technology and by the rediscovery and adaptation of older methods. Glassware.

German glassware survives today with the distribution of antique glassware and the glass smoking pipes. Most German beer and wine glasses are made overseas to the original designs. Access to online suppliers of glassware.

German Glassware.


German glass manufacturing has suffered a great deal of change in recent years due to the shifting of manufacturing processes overseas.

The main areas to survive are in the manufacture of beer glasses and german wine glasses. Antique glass pieces are as ever popular and still form part of the German commercial trading sector. Other unusual glass products include smoking pipes which are demonstrated below.

The German glass smoking pipe and accessories

Glass smoking ware (Click to enlarge)
Glass smoking ware (Click to enlarge)

Almost two decades ago, the German glassware glass blower Martin Birzle began to develop hand-blown water pipes for some of his friends. Today this artist, with the help of his team, manufactures the now world-famous brand name ROOR. The fascinating combination of functionally and design has made ROOR water pipes and accessories into the most popular cult objects in the third millennium.

The reason for this success are many:

Products are made from the purest Borosilicate glass;
A harmonically-composed collection;
Professional workmanship and stunning quality;
Clear lines and individual design are a delight for customers all over the world who search for the best.

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German Beer GlassesGerman Beer Glasses - Historically, drinking vessels were made from wood, leather, stoneware, or whatever else may have been handy. However things change... German Beer Glasses.

German Wine GlasswareWine Glassware - Quality German wine glassware manufacturers like Spieglau, Scheffer-Klute and Roemer produce a range of wine glasses which include Burgundy balloon glass, expert tasting glass and white wine glass.

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Crystal Kingdom - They offer you superb wine and champagne glasses as well as amazingly beautiful German glassware and beer glasses and many other kinds of glassware hand made in Europe from genuine and finest quality lead crystal glass, as an individual order in our company.

Swarovski Crystal - Immerse yourself in the crystalline universe! Join the hottest, most exciting fashion shows and see how our crystal really makes stars sparkle. Experience crystal in lifestyle and architecture!.

Ritzenhoff - Ritzenhoff started as a collectible German glassware company, using International Designers and architects to create limited edition designs. Their ranges have expanded, to encompass many styles of glassware, champagne, beer, milk, tea, wine, ashtrays, and now adding ceramic mugs, and espresso cups, martini glasses, cocktail shakers and even wonderful teddy bears.

PureSativa - ROOR bongs, water pipes, bowls, diffusers and accessories. Each Roor Bong is individually unique and very beautifully made. These state of the art German glassware glass bongs are for the more eloquent of the smoking culture, enhancing smoking aesthetics to a new degree by using scientifically proven, optimum volume to water ratios giving the user a far smoother smoke.

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